How to: Export and Import Study Settings of an Entire Study

To help with study start-up and provide the ability to share best practices, users can export and import the Study Settings of one study into another Ripple site. This allows teams the ability to share settings between Ripple sites or send the file to Ripple support staff for troubleshooting.

The settings outlined below are available for export and import:

  • Study Details
  • Statuses
  • Events
  • Requirements (Demographic Settings and Custom Variables)
  • Contact Relationship Values
  • Contact Outcome Values
  • Bulk Tasks
  • Email Templates
  • Text Templates
  • Surveys

Resave your survey!

If your survey includes questions that are linked to the Recruitment Site or Recruitment Strategy variables, go back into your survey and click the "Save Survey" button before using it.


Screening forms are not included in the study export. The Recruitment pages, Display Settings, and Site-level settings like Users and their permissions, Security, and General Settings are not available for exporting and importing.

How to Export a Study:

Users need to have Study Admin access to the study they want to export.

  1. Use the Studies dropdown to choose the study you want to export (red)
  2. Navigate to the “Study Settings” tab (green)
  3. Go to the “Details” page (purple) 1._E_I_study_details_page.jpg
  4. Click the “Export Study” button (red)2._E_I_study_export_button.jpg


How to Import the Study:

Users need to have Site Manager or Site Admin permissions to the Ripple instance they want to import the study into.

  1. Navigate to the Ripple site where you want to import the study into
  2. Click “Add Study” (red)
  3. Give your study a short name (green)
  4. Click the “Import study” button (purple) 3._E_I_study_new_study_and_import_button.jpg
  5. Choose the exported JSON file from your list of files
  6. Ripple will ask if you are sure you want to import the file. Select “Yes, import and create study.” 4._E_I_study_yes_import.jpg
  7. Go to your study list and select your newly imported study 5._E_I_study_new_study_is_in_list.jpg
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