Product Update: April 28, 2022

Ripple has released our 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant solution for Enterprise Customers. 

This release includes new features to make day-to-day tracking of contacts and updating of participant records more streamlined for all Ripple customers.

New Features & Functionality

Contact Log Outcome is now a drop-down list.

We are excited to announce the release of one of our most requested enhancements! This feature makes tracking and reporting participant calls, appointments, and other interactions more consistent for your team.

In this update, Study Admins can create a customized Outcome drop-down (list) which is created at the study level on the Requirements page. The drop-down list features are implemented at a Global (site-wide) level and will be applied to all studies and the Registry. Learn more about how to create your drop-down options here

Work with your team to create a consistent, site-wide outcome drop-down list. This list will aid recruiters, research assistants, and managers to understand the effectiveness of the team’s communications with your participants. The options should be descriptive and concise. The Comments field will still allow users to add more information about the call.

Some example outcome options include:

  • No Answer, No Message
  • No Answer, Left Message
  • Left Voicemail
  • Disconnected Number
  • Wrong Number
  • Not Interested
  • Requested Call Back
  • Appointment Scheduled
  • Confirmed Appointment
  • Screening Completed

How are current data in this field handled in the update?

This release also updates all current contact logs with the default option setting of “Other” in the new drop-down. The text that was previously in the field before this change will appear in the details box below the drop-down. The data previously entered is also maintained in your data export.


Previous data will appear on the Contact Log like this example:


Be on the lookout for additional drop-down fields in future releases!  The next field to get a drop-down update will be the Contact Methods Relationship field.

Update existing participants with only a Global ID

This update will allow teams to include only the Global ID in an import to match and update existing participants.  This will streamline data syncing across different systems. This update will maintain the existing workflow, where to modify existing participants, the import needs to include first name, last name, and Global ID and/or Birthday.  


Participant Survey Submission Confirmation Email

This update enhances the survey completion experience for participants.  Ripple users can select to send an automatic email to the participant when the participant completes a web form. This helps confirm that a participant successfully submitted a response to the form. Ptc_Emails_Trigger_Emails.png

Copy Family Member's Contact Information

In Ripple, you can group participants together using a Family ID. To help with data entry, and reduce errors users can import a participant’s family member’s contact information into the Contact Methods section of another family member’s profile. Read more about how to use this new feature.



  • Locked users will no longer receive email notifications from Ripple. Note: this includes soft-locks such as passwords too old and too many invalid login attempts.

Ripple v.1.105

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