How to: Copy Family Member's Contact Information

In Ripple, you can group participants together using a Family ID. When participants have the same Family ID, they will appear in each other’s Family section at the bottom of their participant profile card. To help with data entry, and reduce errors users can import a participant’s family member’s contact information into the Contact Methods section of another family member’s profile.

How to Import Contact Information from Family Member’s

Follow these directions to copy contact information from one family member to another family member. Once you copy, the family member’s selected contact information will be added to the new participant.

1. Add a Family ID in each family member’s participant profile card.


2. Scroll to the Family section of the participant’s profile card to view their family members and click the “Import Family Contacts” button.


3. Choose which family member(s) contact information you want to import into the participant’s Contact Methods section by selecting the box next to their name. Once you finish selecting, click the “Import Contacts” button.


4. All of the contacts on the selected family member will import to the new family member. The relationship field will update to “Family Member.”


5. Repeat this process on other family members if needed.


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