How To: Set up the Contact Log Outcome Dropdown

How To: Set up the Contact Log Outcome Dropdown

Contact logs are a great way for study teams to track contacts or "encounters" that users have with potential and enrolled participants. You can use Contact logs to record outbound calls, incoming calls, appointments, no shows, and more. For each contact log, you can record the contact type, contact date/time, contacted by, method, spoke to, regarding, outcome, comments, and modify the participant’s status. 

“Other” is a pre-configured option for all Contact logs. As you add more options, “Other” will always be the last option in the list created.  When a user selects “Other” a text field will appear that the user will be required to fill out to complete the contact log.


Who can set-up Contact Log Outcome Dropdown Options:

Study Admins can create a list of Outcome options their team members can choose from for the required “Outcome” field. This allows teams to standardize how they record the outcome of each contact attempt. It will also give teams the ability to create reports to assess the effectiveness of their team’s communications with participants.

The drop-down is set at the study level the list is a Global (site-wide) list and is applied to all studies and the Registry.

Some example outcome options include:

  • No Answer, No Message
  • No Answer, Left Message
  • Left Voicemail
  • Disconnected Number
  • Wrong Number
  • Not Interested
  • Requested Call Back
  • Appointment Scheduled
  • Confirmed Appointment
  • Screening Completed

Setting up Contact Log Outcome Dropdown Options

Users can set the Contact Outcome on the Study Settings page, all created Outcome Values are “Global.”  Once added to the list, they are included in all study Outcome drop down menus.

1. Go to the “Study Settings” page (red) and click on the “Requirements” module (green)


2. Scroll down to the “Contact Outcome Values” section

3. Click the “Create a New Contact Outcome” button (red)


4. Enter the name of the outcome in the “Outcome” field and click “Save”.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each additional outcome



The created options will appear in the dropdown in the order that they were created. “Other” will always be the last option.

Using the Contact Log Outcome Dropdown

1. Open the desired Participant Profile Card

2. Select the “Contact” log (red) and click the “+Add Contact” button (green)


3. Fill in the fields

4. Click on the empty “Outcome” field

5. Select the option that applies to the outcome of the contact attempt

6. If applicable, write a Comment in the “Comments” field 



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