How to: Link Survey Questions to Variables on the Participant Card

You can link most survey questions to the participant profile card. When a survey is completed, linked responses will pull through into the participant's profile card. It is not required to link survey questions to a participant variable. All survey questions and answers that are marked as visible will save on the survey's pdf.

Steps for Linking Survey Questions to Variables on the Participant Card

  1. To link your team’s custom variables, navigate to "Study Settings", then go to "Requirements" to create your custom variables. For more information on how to create custom variables, refer to this article: Custom Variables Overview.
  2. Navigate to the "Study Settings"
  3. Select "Survey Creator"
  4. Add your question to the survey from the "Toolbox"
    1. Note: Not all question types can be linked to survey variables
  5. Select the “Properties” option on the survey question
  6. From the "Properties" panel, navigate to the "General" section
  7. If you are linking a Single Input question to a variable, make sure that the “Input Type” matches your variable’s format
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the section and open the “Survey Variable” dropdown to see all the study and participant variables that can be linked to the question
  9. Select your desired variable (red)
  10. Click the “Save Survey” button



If you do not see the survey variable that you are looking for in the dropdown, then your variable is not configured in a format that matches your question type. For a complete list of viable question and variable combinations, review the Survey Question Types help document.

Editing Multi or Single Select Question Options

When questions are linked to multi-select or single-select variables, such as radiogroup, dropdown, or checkboxes, the survey designer will automatically populate all the answer options based on how your variables were set up in the Study Requirements section. Once the question is linked, you can not add or remove these options from the question, but you can change how they display to the end user.

  1. Add a multi or single select question type from the toolbox: Checkbox, Radiogroup, Dropdown or Image Picker
  2. Navigate to the "Properties" panel and scroll to the "General" section
  3. Find the “Survey Variable” dropdown and select the participant variable of interest
  4. See the answer options automatically populate
  5. Use the "Choices" and "Layout" sections to change how the question and answers appear to participants. You can use this article to learn more about how to use the "Properties" panel to customize your survey questions.
  6. Choose the Save Survey button


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