How to: Copy Your Survey Using the JSON Editor

If you have a survey that you want to duplicate into another study, you can do so by copying the survey’s code, or JSON, from your existing survey into a new one. This can be helpful for duplicating general intake or medical history questionnaires that you may want in additional studies. Once you’ve copied the code into the new survey, you can modify the survey in one study without modifying it in the other study. 

How to Copy your Survey Code from One Survey to Another

  1. Go to your Study Settings and Navigate to the Survey Creator
  2. Use the Survey Designer tab to create your survey. You can use this article to Get Started Creating Your First Survey.
  3. Navigate to the JSON editor (red)
  4. Select the entire JSON code and copy it (green)
  5. Create a new survey in your study. This can be within the same study, a different study, or an entirely different Ripple platform
  6. In the survey of interest, go into the JSON editor
  7. Paste the entire JSON code
  8. Go back to the Survey Designer and make any changes
  9. Save your Survey


Relinking Your Survey Variables

If you linked your survey questions to participant variables in your original survey, you will need to check your new survey to make sure they are still linked. Some variable linkages will not pull through into your new survey.

Variable Linkages That Copy Over

When linked to participant variables, the following variable linkages will copy over from one survey to another:

General Variables

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Age
  • Custom ID
  • Global ID
  • Family ID

Demographic Variables

  • Birthday

Custom Variables

  • Any global custom variables that were added as a variable to your new study

All Contact Variables


Variable Linkages That Do NOT Copy Over

The following participant variables will not stay linked when you copy the survey code from one into another. 


  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex/gender

Recruitment sources, sites, and strategies
Study-specific custom variables



Make sure to test out your survey variable linkages and relink where needed before administering the new survey to participants.

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