Product Update: December 2, 2021

In this release, advanced email and survey notification functionality continue to become more sophisticated. Track exactly where participants are coming from, stay on top of survey submissions with email notifications, and send individualized participant emails with attachments, such as signed consent forms.

New Features & Functionality

Survey Submission Email Notifications

Receive an email notification when a participant completes a Survey Creator web form. Use this notification as a prompt to contact new potential participants immediately or confirm survey submissions for existing participants.

  • Indicate on My Account page that you want to receive Survey Submission notifications for a study by checking the box for Survey Submissions in the row associated with the study 
  • You will receive notifications for all surveys submitted by participants in that study
  • Email will include the Global ID for the participant, but no other identifiers

Individual Email Attachments with Advanced Email

Adding attachments to individual emails to participants is now available. Previously, users were only able to add attachments to email templates. Use attachments on individual emails to send attachments to participants that are specific to only them, such as signed consent forms.

  • Either choose a template and add an attachment or add an attachment to a blank, custom email 
  • Only available for accounts with Advanced Email

Tracking Tags (UTM codes) on Survey Creator Allow for Recruitment ROI Reporting

Know which pages or posts new participants are coming from with tracking tags (also known as UTM codes). Add an invisible question to Survey Creator with the tracking tag as the question name, and Survey Creator will populate the field with the tag or code. Use logic to associate tracking tags with Ripple recruitment sites, which can be tied to reports. Your study dashboard and/or Report Builder will allow you to see which pages or posts new participants are coming from. Track recruitment campaign success and ROI in real-time. 



Ripple v.1.103.3

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