Survey Notification Overview

Survey Notification Overview

Ripple users can receive email confirmation when a participant fills out a survey form on the Web. Survey confirmation emails are sent immediately after survey completion and can be used to confirm that your participant successfully completed a survey. This can also help you identify participants who completed your survey so you can follow up with them quickly.

Note: Email notifications are only available for Web surveys. If the survey is completed as an Internal survey, Ripple users will not receive an email notification.

Notification to Ripple Users

Upon completion of a survey by a participant, Ripple users will receive an email from The email will confirm that a survey has been submitted and provide the survey's name and Global ID of the participant. 

Reviewing Survey Responses

To review the survey responses, you will have to access the completed survey. You can do this in the participant's profile:

  1. Copy the participant’s Global ID from the email
  2. Paste the Global ID in the search bar of the Registry, Potential Participants, or Enrolled Participants page
  3. Once you have found your participant, open up their profile
  4. Navigate to the “Forms” section
  5. View all the surveys your participant has completed
  6. Click on and open the form of interest


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