How to: Add, Remove, and Search for Tags

Tags are keywords or flags that a user can add to a participant’s profile to help classify participant characteristics or communicate information quickly.  They are more flexible and informal than creating Custom Variables

Tags are user-defined, so they don’t need to be pre-set and users can add any word that helps to identify the participant. Any user can create a tag in a participant’s profile by typing in the “Select tags” box. 

Tags are always Global.

This means that they appear in the Registry and can be viewed and modified in any study the participant is associated with in the system.




Tagging a Participant

Any user who can view a participant’s profile can modify tags in a Study or in the Registry. Existing tags will appear in the “Select tags” box at the top of the participant’s profile card.

Adding a tag to a participant’s profile

  1. Put your cursor on the “Select tags” box
  2. The existing tags will appear in a drop-down menu
  3. Start typing the word or words for the desired tag
  4. Suggested tags (existing tags in your database are suggested as you type) will appear as you type. To select a suggested tag click on the words in the drop-down.
  5. To create a new tag you can select “Create" tab in the drop-down menu.




You can create new tags and select existing tags by typing the full tag and pressing enter on the keyboard. You can quickly add multiple tags by pressing enter between each separate tag.


Removing a tag from a participant’s profile

When viewing a participant profile, an x appears alongside each tag.  Choose the x to remove the tag.

There is no way to manage all created tags directly in the system. A tag is created by adding it to a page for the first time and does not exist once it has been removed from all participants in the system.

Reporting on Tags

Tags are included as data points on the Study Dashboard.  You can view counts for tags by clicking “Show Table.”  

Filtering by Tags in a Study

To help identify groups of participants with the same tags in a study you can filter the Registry by tags. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Potential Participant or Enrolled Participant Page
  2. Click the “Filter Dashboard” checkbox 
  3. Type in the tag you wish to include in the filter. The Potential or Enrolled Participants page will display participants in your study that have that tag on their profile.

Note: if the selected tag is also used as a Custom Variable those participants will also display in this search.


Filtering by Tags in the Registry

Registry users can filter their database by tags. To use this filter:

  1. Navigate to the Registry
  2. Select “Add Filter” 
  3. In the Filter box, set the variable dropdown to “Tags.” 
  4. Select which tags you would like to include in your filter. 
  5. Set the dropdown to “equal to” if you want a list of participants who do have that tag. If you’re interested in seeing participants who do not have that tag, change the dropdown to “not equal to.” 

Click here to learn more about how to use and filter the Registry.

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