Product Update: November 3, 2021

Ripple’s latest release includes several enhancements to our Email to make participant communication more streamlined. There are also several enhancements to make Ripple more user-friendly and study start-up more efficient.

New Features & Functionality

Email Enhancements

  • We have improved the participant email experience to clarify if an email reply is possible. This enhancement changes the “From” email address based on if the sender specifies a “Reply-to” email.  Emails are sent from when there is no Reply-to email address listed. Emails are sent from when a sender specifies a Reply-To email address
  • Our team continues to add dynamic variables to email and text templates, making it easier for teams to create and use email and text templates.  In this release, Global ID and Current User were added to the available variable list.
  • Participant_global_id will indicate the Global ID associated with the participant.  This will make it easier to communicate this information for participants to use in Screening and Survey web forms.
  • Current_user dynamically fills in the user's name for the individual sending the email or bulk email. The current_user variable appears blank for automated emails and automated text messages
  • For Ripple Pro and Advanced Email accounts, we have added an easy-to-use email text editor.  This provides the ability to easily stylize text on email templates and individual emails. Teams still have access to HTML email templates by unchecking the “Use Editor” box.

  • Enhancements to tags.  We’ve made it easier to use and search for tags on a participant’s profile. Tags are keywords or flags that you can add to a participant’s profile. Users can now select from a list of tags or create a new tag when applying a tag to a participant profile card.  

  • Embed Survey forms using Inline frames (IFrame). Ripple Pro and Survey users can now embed surveys into your web page using the IFrame HTML element.  This will allow users to use survey content to build a cohesive website experience for their participants.
  • Duplicating a Study.  The duplicate study feature continues to make study start-up more efficient. This release adds Text Templates and Survey Creator Surveys copy over when a study is duplicated.  Read more about duplicating a study here. Note: For Surveys, custom variables, status, and recruitment sources, sites, and strategies need to be re-linked on the copied survey
  • User Management: User deletion has been updated.  With this new release Site Admins and Managers cannot delete user profiles.  This ensures that their activity is not lost when they leave a Ripple team.   Locking a user disables their account. The user cannot access Ripple unless a Site Admin unlocks their account. The audit log entries for the user’s past actions will not be deleted
  • Study Dashboard Legend. A legend was added to the study dashboard recruitment trend chart indicating which color on the trend chart is associated with potential vs enrolled participants



  • Fixed issue where duplicate global ids can be entered by adding a space before/after the globalId string.
  • Fixed issue with exporting survey data from single select matrix questions within a Dynamic Panel
  • Fixed submission error for internal surveys with matrix questions within dynamic panels


Ripple v.1.102.9

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