Downloading Reports

Downloading Reports

Report Builder allows users to download reports to CSV or JSON files for sharing with Non-Ripple users or conducting additional analysis with the data. Users can download reports from the Report Builder or Shared Reports.


Download Options

There are three different options for downloading reports:

  • Download Report Page (CSV)
    • Downloads current report page as a CSV file
    • Respects pivot table parameters from the Report builder within the CSV
  • Download All Data (CSV)
    • Downloads all pages of data within the report as a CSV file
    • Note: This option downloads the data without the pivot table parameters.
  • Download All Data (JSON)
    • Downloads all data within the report as a JSON file


Note: When using the “Download All Data (CSV)” option for a multi-page report, pivot table parameters will not be respected in the downloaded CSV. However, it is easy to use Excel’s Pivot Table tool to reformat the data. Additional instructions on how to create a pivot table in excel for a multi-page report can be found here: 


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