Product Update: September 1, 2021


New Features & Functionality

  • Report Builder now has additional options for download, including an option that respects pivot table parameters. Options include:
    • Download Report Page (CSV)
        • Downloads current report page as a CSV file
        • Respects pivot table parameters from the Report builder within the CSV
    • Download All Data (CSV)
        • Downloads all pages of data within the report as a CSV file
    • Download All Data (JSON)
      • Downloads all data within the report as a JSON file


  • Report Builder now exports dates in a more human legible format. The format now matches formatting for dates as displayed on the Report Builder.



  • Fixed an issue with selecting multiple participants for bulk messaging. Selecting multiple for a bulk email or text was not selecting any participants if those selected included one or more participants with invalid or no contact information.
  • Fixed an issue with Signed Consent Form checkbox on participant profile cards where the date of the signed form was not clearing upon unchecking the checkbox.


Ripple v.1.100.9

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