Saving and Sharing Reports

Saving and Sharing Reports

After you have selected any measure or dimension a “Save Report” button will display on the Report Builder. Selecting this option will open the report detail popup which gives you the following options:

  • Report Name
  • A freeform text field that allows you to give your report a descriptive name
  • Note that names do not need to be unique, but will be displayed on the Reports tab in alphabetical order by name
  • Description
  • A freeform text area that allows you to give a full description of the report
  • Descriptions will be displayed when the report is run
  • Descriptions are most helpful when they contain information about the measures, dimensions and filters utilized in building the report
  • Shared Users
  • Contains a searchable list of all the users on your account
  • Selecting one or more users will make the report available to these people
  • Note that users will only have access to information based on their assigned study permissions so some reports may appear differently when run by different users

When reports are saved they will appear on the Reports tab. Saved reports will actually save the query behind the report so that when it is run again from the Reports tab the table will display the most recent data from the account. To save a snapshot of the data the “export” option should be utilized.

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