Using Panels to Group Questions

The Panel question type is an easy way to group related survey questions. This can help users or participants differentiate between different themes within your questions. If you have several related questions that display based on the answer to a previous question, you can put them in a panel. This makes it easier to use survey logic. In this case, you have to only write one logic statement for the whole panel rather than one for each question.

Example: Questions about Children

Your questionnaire may have a question about whether your participant has children. If they do, you may want to ask how many, their names, ages, genders, and other characteristics. If they do not have children, you will not want to ask the participant these questions. Instead of linking each question to a piece of logic, you can put the questions in a panel and link the panel to logic.

Step 1: Create your Conditional Question to Define the Condition

  1. Go the Survey Creator
  2. Navigate to the “Survey Designer” tab 
  3. Use the “Toolbox” bar to create a Radiogroup type question
  4. Open up the “Properties” bar
  5. Under the “General” section, change the “Name” field to say “children yes or no”
  6. Under the “General” section, change the “Title” to “Do you have any children?” This is your conditional question.
  7. Under the “Choices” section, change your choices. In the value column, change item1 to “Yes.” In the value column, change item2 to “No.” Click the X button next to item3.


Step 2: Create your Panel

  1. Click back into the “Toolbox” bar
  2. Create a Panel type question
  3. Go into the “Properties” bar for the question
  4. Under the “General” section, change the “Name” of the panel “yes children”
  5. Go back to the “Toolbox” and create the questions you want to ask about your participants about their children
  6. Use the drag and drop icon to drag each question about their children into the panel


Step 3: Set up your Survey Logic

  1. Go to the “Survey Logic” tab
  2. Click the “Add New” button
  3. In “Define condition(s)” section, use the “Select question…” dropdown on the left to find your question named “children yes no” 
  4. Do not change the dropdown that says “equals”
  5. In the dropdown on the right that says “Choose…” select “Yes”
  6. In the “Define action(s) section, use the “Select an action to add…” dropdown to select “Panel visibility”
  7. In the “Select panel…” dropdown, select the “yes children” panel
  8. Click the “Save and return” button


Step 4: Save and Test Your Survey

  1. Return to the “Survey Designer” tab
  2. Click the “Save Survey” button
  3. Navigate to the “Test Survey” tab
  4. Fill in the questionnaire
  5. For the question “Do you have any children?” answer “Yes” 
  6. Watch the panel appearpanel_logic_gif.gif



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