How To: Use Internal Surveys

Internal Survey Summary

Every survey created for your studies are automatically available internally for any of your study leaders or admin to add or edit participants. You can quickly test your internal surveys above the survey creator using the “Open as live survey” option. All logic and criteria setup in your survey will work the same way as it would as a publicly facing survey.

Adding New Participants via Survey

Any internal survey can be used from the Potential or Enrolled Participant pages to quickly add a brand new participant, or even pull in an existing participant from the registry into your study.

  1. On the participant list pages select the “Survey Participant” button
  2. Choose which survey you want to use to add a participant
  3. Fill out the information for your participant and complete the survey
  4. If the entered data matches a participant already in the registry that participant will be added to your study
  5. If the data did not match an existing participant than a new participant will be added to the status dictated by the survey
  6. Note that newly added participants will only be visible after a page refresh


Surveying Existing Participants

Any internal survey can be used to edit/update existing study participants

  1. From the Potential or Enrolled Participant pages open any participant profile
  2. Choose the “Survey Participant” button at the top of the profile
  3. Select which survey you want to use to edit the participant data
  4. Note that the displayed survey will pre-populate with existing data on the participant profile
  5. Any changes made to the survey data will automatically update the participant profile and could result in the participant changing status depending on the new data.

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