How To: Customize Survey Design

Add Image to Header

To customize the header of your survey select the down arrow on the top right of the survey creator. The resulting header will allow you to add a custom survey title and description as well as upload an image from your computer to display on all the survey pages.

Use Images throughout Survey

If you do not want your images to appear on every page in the header you can use the “Image” option from the toolkit to display imagery throughout the survey. The image widget will allow you to upload content from your device either as images or videos. To add a video change the “Content Mode” in the properties panel. Once added you can control the image size and placement with the properties options.

Put Questions on a Single Line

If you have multiple questions that relate to each other that you want to see on a single line you can easily control the layout of each question using the properties panel. First, select the question that you want to move a separate column. Then find the “layout” option in the properties panel. Uncheck the “Start with New Line” option and now the selected question will naturally float to be in line with the question above it.

Add HTML Elements

Choose the html option from the toolbox to create a more customized experience within the survey. The html option is especially useful for adding instructional text throughout the survey or for providing links, table or other graphical elements that are not used directly within a question. Coming soon will be the ability to control text and color styles with the html tool.

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