How To: Add Question Validation

The survey questions do not include validation by default. However, each question can have custom validation managed under the Validation section of the Properties panel.

Required error text

  • If the question is required (“is required” toggle is ON) but left blank on completion then the custom error message will display
  • Any custom text will override the default error message which current states “please answer the question”


  • The validators allow creating custom expressions to compare the entered data against. These can be setup dependent on the type of question.
  • Can further prevent the survey from being completed based on the input answers (example: for numeric values you can put min and max values that will reject any answers outside that range with a custom error message)

Example: Adding Email Validation

  1. Add a Single Input question to the survey
  2. Under the Properties panel select the Validation section
  3. Choose the “+” icon under “Validators” and select “Email”
  4. On the “Text” field you can enter custom text that will display if the entered response is not a valid email address

Redirecting Participants on Survey Completion

The Survey Designer gives you complete control over the experience your participants will have interacting with the surveys, including creating a custom redirect depending on how they answer questions on the survey.

The default message displayed to users upon survey completion includes the survey header and a simple thank you message:

To change the messaging and redirects when a survey is completed select the “Survey Settings” option at the top of the designer. In the right side panel you will see a “Show on Completed” section. This will give you numerous options to control what is displayed once a survey is submitted.

Navigate to url

Setting a url in this field will automatically redirect all completed survey users to a single url. This is the simplest way to redirect users and will be applied regardless of answers to survey questions.

Completed html

You can customize the message all users will see when completing a survey by entering custom html. This is useful if you do not want to automatically redirect participants but instead want to show images or links on the success page.

Customizing redirects or html based on Survey answers

Use the “Navigate to url on condition” or “Completed html on condition” options to provide a more advanced experience based on survey responses. These expressions can utilize answers from any existing question simply by including the question name in curly brackets: {question1}

Example: Redirecting based on Ratings answer

  1. Add a “Rating” question to a survey
  2. Change the name of the rating question to “rating”
  3. Change the rating values from 1 - 10
  4. Navigate to the Survey Settings and choose the “Add New” button under the “Navigate to url on condition” section
  5. In the “Expression” field type: {rating}>5
  6. Enter a URL for when a user selects a high rating
  7. Choose the “Add New” button
  8. In the “Expression” field type: {raing}<5
  9. Enter a URL for when a user selects a low rating

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