Getting Started Creating Your First Survey

The Ripple Survey Creator allows users to create enhanced screening and survey forms. These surveys allow for complex display logic and robust inclusion criteria. Each survey created can be used internally to screen participants or can be shared externally as a web-based form. You can link survey questions to the participant profile card. Completed surveys are stored directly on the participant profile under the "Forms" tab.

Building A Basic Survey

1. Navigate to the Study Settings (red) page, then click on the Survey Creator (green) tab.


2. Click the "Add New Survey" button to start a survey.



You can also duplicate an existing survey within the same study or copy a survey from one study into another.

3. In the "Survey Name" box, change the name of your survey.


4. Go to the "Survey Designer" tab (red) to start creating your questions.


You will notice that the First Name and Last Name questions are auto populated in your survey and linked to the First Name and Last Name variables. These are required fields, make sure your final survey includes these questions.


5. To add a question to your survey, navigate to the "Toolbox" panel and select the question type you're looking for. For more information on the types if questions, please read the Survey Questions Types article.


6. Click on the question and choose the "Properties" option (purple) to edit all the question's details

  • The "Name" field (red) controls how that question is referred to across the survey. This will be important for building logic into your survey and creating UTM codes.
  • The "Title" field (green) control the question that the participant sees. You can also edit the Title of the question directly on the question.


7. Optional: Select a "Survey Variable" from the list of matching Ripple participant variables (e.g.: custom variables, demographics, contact information, etc). Linking to a Ripple participant variable will allow the participant's responses to pull through into their profile care. You can use this article to learn how to link survey questions to variables on the participant's profile card.

For external forms, you must include survey variables for First Name and Last Name for a URL to generate. For internal forms, you must link at least one variable to a Ripple Survey Variable for the form to save.


8. Repeat the steps above to create your other survey questions.

9. Optional: Build out survey logic to change the survey's behavior, appearance, and content based on the answers your participants give.

10. Style your survey to make it user friendly. You can add your logo or images, change the appearance of the navigation buttons, and create customized thank you messages.

11. When you're finished, you MUST click the "Save Survey" button at the top of the Survey Designer tab to save your changes.

12. Test your survey. You can do this by clicking the "Test Survey" (red) tab or you can choose the "Open as Live Survey" (green) option to preview the survey either internally or externally.


13. Once saved, you can use your survey as an internal form or you can make it a publicly visible external survey.

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