Getting Started Creating Your First Survey

The Ripple Survey Creator is a tool that allows creating enhanced screening and survey forms. Each survey created can be used internally to screen participants or can be shared publicly via a web-based form. The surveys allow for complex display logic and robust inclusion criteria. Questions on the survey can be tied directly to the participant profile data, and the completed surveys are stored directly on the participant profile under the “Forms” tab.

Building A Basic Survey

  1. Navigate to the Study Settings - Survey Creator page
  2. Choose the Add New Survey button to start a survey from scratch
  3. Change the survey name by selecting the default name and updating it
  4. Under the “Survey Designer” tab select a question type from the “Toolbox” panel on the right
  5. Selected questions will be added to the survey layout
  6. Click on any question and choose the Properties option to edit all the question details
  7. The “Name” field controls how that question is referred to across the survey
  8. The “Title” is what is displayed on the survey as the question text, this can be edited directly on the survey or on the properties panel
  9. Most question types can be linked directly to your Ripple custom variables. From the properties panel select the “Survey Variable” dropdown to find which variable to link.
    1. If the variable is a single or multi-select the variable options will populate automatically into the form.
    2. You MUST have a “First Name” and “Last Name” variable added to any form in order to share the survey publicly
    3. Note that you do not have to link every survey question to a custom variable. Some questions can be used to drive survey logic, or can simply be stored on the survey when we have pdf saving capabilities.
  10. You MUST click the “Save Survey” button at the top of the Survey Designer tab in order for your changes to be saved 
  11. Once saved your survey is available as an internal form or a publicly visible external survey via the provided url.
  12. Choose the “Open as Live Survey” option to preview the survey either internally or externally
  13. Now that you have your first survey created select the gear icon to quickly duplicate when creating a new survey
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