How To: Use Expressions

Advanced expressions can be used throughout the survey designer to drive logic, calculate default values for questions, and even redirect users based on previous answers. The expressions allow referencing answers to other questions using curly brackets and can be used to calculate values using mathematical operators, such as:

{question1} + {question2}, ({price}*{quantity}) * (100 - {discount})

You can also use functions such as: iif(), today(), age(), min(), max(), count(), avg() and others.

Example - Populating Today’s Date by Default

In this example we have a consent form that requires a participant signature and we want the current date to populate into a date field automatically.

  1. Add a Single Input question to a survey
  2. Change the Input Type to Date
  3. Under the Logic Panel select the “Default value expression” field
  4. Type in: today()
  5. Save Survey

When the survey is opened the date field will now automatically populate with the current date.

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