How To: Use Dynamic Panels

Panels provide the ability to group multiple questions together and have separate display logic related to all the questions at once. The Dynamic Panels option opens up the ability to have multiple panels created on demand by the end user of the survey.

A note of caution: because dynamic panels will allow multiple versions of the same questions these questions should not be linked to your participant variables.

Dynamic Panel Properties

  • Render Mode: defaults to displaying all the questions for each dynamically added panel in a single list. Can be organized as a progression
  • Panel Count: You can dictate how many panels will display by default, and set minimum and maximum numbers
  • Allow Adding or Deleting Panels: choose these options if you want your end users to have control over the number of panels displayed
  • Logic - Bindings - Panel Count: Use this dropdown to dynamically set how many panels to display based on answers to previous questions

Example: Dynamic Panels based on Previous Answers

  1. Add a Single Input named “children” and set the type to Number
  2. Add a Panel (dynamic panels)
  3. To the Panel add any number of different questions (you can even include logic on these questions)
  4. Select the panel and display the Properties
  5. Uncheck the options for Allow adding and removing panels
  6. Under the Logic section under “bindings” select the “children” question to set the Panel Count


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