How To: Use Inclusion Criteria on Surveys

Inclusion Criteria Summary

The new Ripple Surveys can be used to control which status participants are placed in based on their survey answers. Previously you had to configure your inclusion criteria on the requirements page of the study and the screener forms limited you to pass or fail scenarios. With the new surveys you will have far more granular control over how to determine whether participants will be a good fit for your study. The survey creator will also allow you to move participants to any number of statuses, not just based on a pass/fail check.  

Adding Hidden Participant Status

The inclusion criteria with surveys is controlled using Participant Status as a question. To get started with adding inclusion logic you will first have to add Status as a question and mark it as hidden so that participants can’t change it.

  1. Select the “Dropdown” question type from the toolkit (Radiogroup would also work)
  2. Open the Dropdown question properties panel and select “Status” from the “Survey Variable” dropdown
  3. Ensure that the “Is Visible” option is toggled OFF


Adding Logic Populating Status

Now that you have Status available as a hidden question the next task will be populating this question automatically based on answers to other questions. The logic can be as complex as you want, based on your inclusion criteria. And you can set multiple paths to different statuses so that when a participant finishes a survey their status will be pre-populated.

  1. Navigate to the “Survey Logic” tab at the top of the designer
  2. Choose the “Add New” button
  3. Under the Define Conditions section add the questions and answers that correlate to your inclusion or exclusion criteria
  4. You can add multiple conditions and connect them with either “And” or “Or” operators
  5. Under the Define Actions section choose the “Set Question Value” option
  6. Select your Status question
  7. Choose which status you want participants to be added to depending on the defined conditions
  8. Choose the “Save and Return” button
  9. Repeat these steps as many times as you want to create paths to all your statuses
  10. Navigate to the Survey Designer tab and select “Save Survey”

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