How To: Customize Survey Questions

Once a survey question has been added from the toolbox you can easily configure how the question will display either by selecting directly on the question name in the left side of the survey designer, or by choosing the “Properties” option to customize all the question options.

Linking Questions to Participant Variables

The majority of the question types can be easily linked directly to your participant variables. This means that anytime a survey is filled out the selected participant details will be saved directly to the participant profile. Note that linking questions is not a requirement, so you can have survey questions that can be used to drive logic but are not saved in variables. All survey answers will be visible on the saved survey pdf.

  1. Add a question to the survey from the toolbox (note that not all question types can be linked to survey variables)
  2. Select the “Properties” option on the survey question
  3. From the Properties panel open the “Survey Variable” dropdown to see all the study and participant variables that can be linked to the question
  4. Select your desired variable
  5. Choose the “Save Survey” button

For a complete list of viable question and variable combinations review the Survey Question Types help document.

Changing How Questions Display

Use the Properties panel for any question to update the following details:

  • Name - updates how the question is referenced throughout the survey
  • Title - updates how the question is displayed to the end user
  • Is Visible - defaults to being toggled ON, but when OFF will not display on the survey. This is useful for automatically populating values on the participant profile based on other survey answers, or for conditionally displaying questions
  • Is Required - defaults to OFF, but when ON will not allow the end user to complete the survey until the question is populated
  • “Start with new line” - checkbox under the Layout section defaults to checked, but when unchecked will automatically move the question to a second column if space permits

Editing Multi or Single Select Question Options        

When questions are linked to multi-select or single-select variables, such as radio group, dropdown, or checkboxes, the survey designer will automatically populate all the question options based on your study requirements. Once the question is linked you can not add or remove these options from the question, but you can change how they display to the end user.

  1. Add a multi or single select question type from the toolbox: Checkbox, Radiogroup, Dropdown or Image Picker
  2. Link the question to one of your Participant Variables
  3. Note that the question options are automatically populated
  4. Click on one of the question options to change how it displays to the end user
  5. Choose the Save Survey button

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