Product Update: December 1, 2020

The latest Ripple update includes new advanced emailing features as well as enhancements to how data is categorized and stored.

New Features & Functionality

Status Categories. Now you can categorize your study statuses based on preset groupings such as Screening, Screened - Lost to Follow Up. Randomized (Active), Completed - Lost, and many others. The status categories will allow you to continue using customized status names while also being able to accurately group statuses across studies.


Automatic Emails and Texts. For accounts that have the Text and Enhanced Email features turned on you can now automatically trigger email and text templates to be sent based on event scheduled or completed dates. The triggers are set on the Study Settings - Email and Text page. Visit How To: Set Up Automated Emailing and How To: Set Up Automated Texting for more information on how to configure these features.


New Template Variables. We have added new variables that can be utilized on email and text templates. Now users can add variable placeholders for Custom ID and event scheduled dates. The variables will be replaced with the corresponding participant data when the template is utilized from the study profile.

Relaxed Text Message Limits. Previously the text message sent from Ripple were limited to 160 characters. That limit has been relaxed to allow for longer, more detailed messages.

Default Text Reply. We have added the ability for text enabled accounts to directly edit the reply that will be sent to participants who text back to the Ripple phone number. On the Site Admin - General Settings page the default message text can be updated.

Audit Log Status Updates. Now the Audit Log will display previous and updated status ID values when a user changes a participant’s status. This is the first of many future enhancements to the audit log that will provide new information about what values were changed.



  • Fixed an issue with Hungarian locale formatting on screener forms that was preventing saving date values in the correct Hungarian format.

  • Addressed an issue with the Audit log not always displaying entries for a user.


Ripple v.1.88

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