Product Update: November 4, 2020

The latest Ripple update includes a number of behind the scenes optimizations and improvements, as well as some enhancements to existing communication features.

New Features & Functionality

Visual Improvements on Users Page. The Site Admin - Users page has a whole new look and layout. Now all your account users will be listed on a searchable and sortable table. Use the search field to quickly find a user based on name or email address. Click on a user’s name to view and manage their study permissions. Also, when adding a new user you can setup their study permissions at the same time that you send the invitation.

Reply To Address on Emails. We added a “Reply To” field when sending a participant email. The email sent to participants will still come from the Ripple noreply address, but if a participant replies to it the supplied “reply to” address will be used. This allows you to control the communication flow back to your individual or study email address.        

Updates to Contacts Import. We improved the import logic when importing participant contacts. Now when importing contacts we check to see if the contacts match on Name and Title with an existing, unarchived participant contact. If the matching contact already exists we also compare contact methods. New contacts or contact methods are only created if a match does not already exist.

Scheduled Maintenance Warnings. When there are planned maintenance windows on the Ripple application a new notice will display on the login page 48 hours in advance. The notice will contain any relevant information regarding expected down times and affected regions.

Better Family Member Navigation. We have made family member names clickable from within the Registry. Now if you click on a family member’s name from within a registry profile you will immediately be taken to that participant’s profile.


  • Addressed an issue with bulk tasks not triggering task notification emails to subscribed users.
  • Updated duplicate ID logic for Custom IDs to ensure that partial matches did not generate a duplicate warning and prevent the new ID from being created.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect sorting of participants on the list page when the combined status view is utilized.

Ripple v.1.87

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