How to: Create Blinded variables

How to: Create Blinded Study variables

Summary of Blinded Variables

Ripple allows you to blind users to the data in specific custom variables. When a variable is blinded, only users with Study Admin access will be able to see the value of the variable.

Blinded Variable Permissions

When a variable is blinded, only certain members of your team will be able to view the value of the variable.

User levels that can view blinded variables: Study Admins

User levels that can not view blinded variables: Study Leaders and RAs

In lieu of seeing the blinded variable, Leaders will see an anonymous string to blind the value of the variable:

Study RAs are unable to view any participant profiles and can not see any participant information.

How to Blind Variables

To blind a variable:


  1. In the Requirements section under the Study Settings tab, create a custom variable or add an existing Global variable:

  1. Check the “Blind” checkbox on the custom variable


This variable will now only be visible to Study Admins in this study.

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