Screening Forms Overview

Screening Forms Overview

Summary of Screening Forms

Ripple features the ability to capture and screen participants via electronic screening forms. You can create internal screening forms or web-based forms. Internal screening forms are available within Ripple. You can open them by clicking the “Screen Participant” button in either the Potential and Enrolled Participant tabs. These are useful when conducting phone or in-person screenings. Web forms can be posted on websites or online ads for potential participants to fill out themselves. When a screening form is completed, the information is automatically added to Ripple.

Building A Screening Form

Navigate to Study Settings, then Screening Forms to access the Screening Form Builder. To create a new screening form, either start from scratch or duplicate an existing screening form.


You can use the Screening Form Builder to add questions to a screening form. You can also add instructions, headers, separators, and additional pages. For a more detailed description of how to set up a screening form, please refer to our How To: Set up a Screening Form article.



Additional Form Settings: Recruitment Source, Site, and Strategy

Recruitment source, site, and strategy can be associated with a screening form to track whether participants who have filled out the form are enrolling in your study. You can see the number of  participants from your screening form that have enrolled on your Dashboard recruitment reports. If you have two or more screening forms, use this feature to see which form is bringing in most participants.

Additional Settings: Inclusion Criteria

Adding your study’s inclusion criteria to your screening form will automatically screen pass or fail participants based on the information entered in the form and whether or not it meets the inclusion criteria. You can set it up so that a potential participant who passes goes into a “To Contact” status, while a potential participant that fails goes into a “Screen Fail” status.

For a more detailed explanation of inclusion criteria and how to implement it on screening forms, please see our Inclusion Criteria Overview:



Using Web Forms to Update Participant Information

Sending a screening form to an existing participant is one way that you can update their information within Ripple. As long as the screening form contains First Name, Last Name, and either Global ID or Date of Birth, Ripple will be able to use this information to find the participant’s profile and update their information. No manual data entry needed!

For more information on setting up web forms, please refer to our How To: Set Up A Web Form article.

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