How to: Set Up a Web Form

How To: Set Up a Web Form

Summary of Web Forms

Ripple features the ability to screen participants via web forms. These forms can be embedded into websites (including social media) for participants to self-screen themselves outside of Ripple. Information collected via web forms is directly added to participant profile cards and can be used to assign them to the appropriate status on your Potential or Enrolled Participants page using Inclusion Criteria.

How To Create A Web Form

Web forms are created in the Screening Form Builder. You can either add a new form or duplicate an existing form. To create a web form:

  1. Navigate to Screening Form Builder. Select Study Settings (red) in the top right corner and then within Study Settings, navigate to Screening Forms (red):


  1. Add New Form Button. The add new form button will create a new, blank form. You will then be prompted to add questions and customize your form.

  1. Duplicate An Existing Form. Select the form that you want to duplicate. In the top left-hand corner, select Settings drop-down, then Duplicate Form.


  1. Add Recruitment Site, Strategy, and Source. In Additional Form Settings, Select Associate Form with Recruitment Site/Strategy/Source. Dropdowns will appear and allow you to select the Site, Strategy, and Source you want to associate to the web form.

  1. Add Inclusion Criteria Button. Below the recruitment site/strategy/source, select the Add Inclusion Criteria Logic button. When selected, will be prompted to enter the Inclusion Criteria that is relevant to this form.

The Inclusion Criteria uses AND/OR logic, in that:

  • If all criteria need to be met, separate the labels with AND to make it inclusive

  • If just one or more criteria need to be met, separate the labels with OR to designate any criteria passing will qualify the participant

  • If some criteria are necessary, but others are flexible you can use parentheses to denote which criteria are flexible i.e. ā€œ(variable_a OR variable_b) AND variable_cā€ will accept participants who have Variable C and one of Variable A, Variable B, or Both. If neither Variable A or B is correct, they will fail the criteria. 

For more information on inclusion criteria, refer to the Inclusion Criteria Overview article.

  1. Set Screen Pass and Screen Fail Status. Designate in the Screen Pass Status dropdown, the status a participant will be sorted into if they meet inclusion criteria. Designate in the Screen Fail Status dropdown, the status a participant will be sorted into if they fail to meet inclusion criteria.

  1. Add Custom Header and Footer. Customize the look and feel of your web form by adding a header and footer. Edit the header and footer in the text editor boxes under Header Theme and Footer Theme.  

  1. Add Thank You Landing URL. Under Met Screening Criteria Landing URL and Failed Screening Criteria Landing URL, write and customize a thank you message and URL for potential participants that pass or fail to screen.

  1. Preview As A Live Form. At the top of the screening form builder, select Open as a live form, then select Web. Your web form will be opened in a new window.



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