Product Update: October 13, 2020

The latest Ripple update includes a number of behind the scenes optimizations and improvements, as well as some enhancements to existing communication features.

New Features & Functionality

Bulk Text Messaging. For accounts on the Pro package or above who have text messaging enabled will now be able to send bulk texts from within the study participant pages. When multiple participants are selected the new “Send Bulk Text” option will appear in the action dropdown. Use text templates to quickly customize a message to send to multiple participants at once.

Updated Site Permissions. Ripple changed the current Site Admin role into a Site Manager. All permissions and access for existing Site Admins will remain the same, only the name change will be noticed. In addition, the new Site Admin permission will be a true admin on the account, having the ability to view and manage ALL the studies, regardless of who created them. Only Site Admins can assign other users the Site Admin permission.

Calendar Integration Updates. Any account that did not already have an Outlook integration configured will now see a prompt to contact support on the Calendar Integration page when selecting Outlook. This will allow the Ripple Support team to customize the Outlook integration experience.



  • Updated participant event comments to NEVER be marked as global to ensure that they stay associated with the study events and not appear on global exports.
  • Fixed an issue with global IDs that prevented using an ID that was a partial string of an existing ID.
  • Updated the sort order of names on the Potential and Enrolled participant pages to now sort participants by last name alphabetically and correctly sort across multiple pages of participants.
  • Fixed how custom variable dates appear when screening an existing participant on the potential or enrolled participant pages


Ripple v.1.86

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