Texting Overview


Texting Overview


The use of texting for study participant/patient communication is often regulated by a number of institutional rules often managed by the applicable Institutional Review Board and the information security compliance office. Please make sure that you have the authorization to text participants/patients directly before using this feature.

Summary of Texting

Ripple’s text messaging feature allows your team to send text messages to your participants for visit reminders, information sharing, and relationship nurturing communications. Text messages are one-way communications and are logged under the Text log on a participant's profile card. Ripple texting is a feature available to those with a Ripple Professional account.

Sending A Text Message

To text a participant, click the green Add Text button under the Text tab on a participant's profile page. You will be prompted to enter:

  • The recipient’s phone number
  • The message of the text message

At the bottom, there are three checkboxes with the following options:

  • Contact (mark this text as the "Date of Last Contact" for this participant)
  • Pin Text (pin the text to the top of the text communications page)
  • Global (Save text log to global registry data)

Text Templates

Ripple’s text template feature allows Study Admins to pre-write custom texts.  The template can automatically populate participant information into texts to personalize information, including their name, next appointment date, or study name.


Automated Texting

Automated Texting allows you to create pre-set text messages that send based on the scheduling or completion of study events and other variables within Ripple. Setting up automated text messages is done in the Email & Text section in the Study Settings.

Text Log

All text communications sent via Ripple text are saved in the Text Log. In this log, you will be able to see the date the text was sent, the subject and message, and the recipients.

Default Text Reply


When a participant replies to a text message from your Ripple number, they will receive a default reply that is customized by Site Admins in the General Settings section of the Site Admin tab. This default reply will be the reply sent to users that receive a text from any study you have in your Ripple lab, so it should not be study-specific and should be designated as something that will apply to all Ripple participants.


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