Product Update: September 22, 2020

The latest Ripple update enhances the communication features and provides new ways to easily find participants within the Registry.

New Features & Functionality

Text Messaging and Templates. It is now possible to send a participant a text message directly from their study or registry profile. The new “text” tab will display on the profile for those accounts on the Pro package and above. When selected the tab will allow sending an individual text message and will display the message log on the profile. The “Email and Text” tab under Study Settings will also allow accounts with the texting feature enabled to create text templates. These templates can be used when sending a text message from within the study profile.

New Registry Filters. On the registry when adding a filter there are now new options for First Name, Last Name, and Date Created. These filters allow for more robust searches so you can find the right participants quickly and easily.

Registry Sorting by Age. Now on the Registry the list of participants can be sorted by the displayed “Age” column. The table sorting can also be used in conjunction with your searches and filters.

Improved Comments Exports. When exporting the comment logs for a study there is now an “Event” column that displays the event name if the comment was added directly to a participant event. This column only displays for study exports, the global exports will not display event names.


  • Global and Custom IDs are no longer case sensitive. When adding/editing either of these IDs from within the application the user will see an error message if entering a duplicate ID with different text cases.
  • Addressed an issue where times were displaying as UTC on emails when utilizing the email templates.
  • Fixed an issue with importing data that allowed duplicate global IDs.
  • Updated screener forms to no longer display an error when submitting a form using a “0” in a number field.
  • Updated screener forms to display a more detailed error message when a duplicate custom ID is entered.


Ripple v.1.85

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