Display Settings Overview

Display Settings Overview

Summary of Display Settings

Customizing your study’s display allows you to have easy access to the information and data your team needs most.  The Display Settings can be found in the Display section (red) under the Study Settings tab (green):


Customizable Display Settings

The primary display settings customizable in Ripple include:

Set Locale

The locale defaults to the local settings of the computer Ripple is being used on. This locale can be manually adjusted to your preferred time and/or date settings if desired.

Global Log Settings

The “Show Global Logs” and “Default ‘Check’ Global for All Logs” checkboxes refer to entries made into a participant's profile logs: the Comments, Email, Contact, and Consent Logs. When “Show Global Logs” is checked, Global comments made in a participant’s log from the Registry or another study will appear in their log in this study. When “Default ‘Check’ Global for All Logs” is checked, all entries into the Logs will automatically be checked as Global. You can still uncheck this box to make study-specific comments.

Potential Participants Column Settings

The Potential Participants Column Settings allow you to customize the variables displayed t on the Potential Participants page. You can choose the six most relevant variables that your team needs for each participant to manage the enrollment process into the study.

Enrolled Participants Column Settings

The Enrolled Participants Column Settings allow you to customize the display variables in the Enrolled Participants tab in the same format as the Potential Participants tab. For the Enrolled Participants, you are able to display either:

1. Six variables for a participant Or 2. Three variables for a participant and all Status Events

DisplayingEvents allows a quick view into the progress of each participant through the study Events, when they are next scheduled for Events, and easy access to indicate they have completed an Event by clicking the Event’s checkbox

Six Variables View:

Three Variables + Events View:


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