Product Update: September 1, 2020

The newest Ripple version contains updates across the application that make it easier to filter and find the information you need quickly and easily. New filters on the registry and calendar pages in particular will greatly improve efficiency.

New Features & Functionality

Multi-Study Participation Limits. From the new “General Settings” site admin page you can globally configure whether multi-study participation is permitted for your participants. When this site-level setting is OFF it means that any participant active in a study should not be available to add to a new study. Activity in a study can be set based on the study statuses. If the site-level configuration does not prevent multi-study participation then each study individually can restrict this for their participants. All these settings are used when filtering the registry by the new “Participant available to add to study” filter.


Improved Custom Variable Filtering. On the Registry, you will now find updates to the filtering options when filtering by custom variables. Now all custom variables can be filtered using the “equal to” as well as the “not equal to” comparison. Number custom variables will also have the added options of filtering by greater than or less than.


Enhanced Task and Event Filtering on Calendar. We have enhanced the task and event filtering capabilities on the calendar page. Now you can filter not only based on your own assigned tasks or events, but by any assignee for both. Also, completed tasks will NOT be displayed by default, but can be toggled on using the “completed” filter option.

Ability to Edit Global ID. We have added the ability for site admins to edit a participant’s global ID from within the participant profile on the registry. The Global ID will display as clickable text. When selected, you can edit the ID and save it as long as it does not match an existing Global ID.

New Registry Birth Month Filter. A new “Birth Month” filter on the registry allows you to select one or more months that when selected will filter the registry based on the participant’s birth month. The filter can be used with an “equal to” or “not equal to” comparison.

Copying Studies Now Copies Forms. Now when creating a new study as a copy of another study all the screening forms and inclusion criteria will be copied as well.

Improved Contacts Export. We have updated the default sort order of Participant Contacts on the export. Now If there is an unarchived preferred contact then they will be exported as contact.1, or if there is no unarchived preferred contact then the participant self-contact will be exported as contact.1.



  • Fixed an issue where the email column was not sorting properly when displayed on the Potential or Enrolled participant pages.
  • Addressed an issue with importing participant events that was causing only four columns of data to be accurately imported.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering the potential or enrolled participant pages when multiple pages of participants are displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with exports that was populating birthdays with today’s date if the birthday was blank on the participant profile.
  • Addressed problems with web screener forms when trying to fill out the form on older mobile browsers, specifically Safari running on iOS 10 and Facebook’s In-App browser.
  • Fixed an issue with web screener forms that prevented participants that already existed in the registry from filling out a study form.

Ripple v.1.84

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