How to: Duplicate a Study

How to: Duplicate a Study

Summary of Duplicating a Study

To jumpstart your study set-up, Ripple allows you to duplicate the settings of an existing study. The existing Events, Statuses, Requirements, and other settings will be copied into the new study.

Note: participants are not automatically added to a new study when duplicating the settings from an existing study.

The following settings will be copied to the new study:

Display Settings

  • Locale
  • Show Global Logs
  • Default “Check” Global for All Logs
  • Potential Participants Column Settings
  • Enrolled Participants Column Settings

Bulk Tasks

  • Bulk Task Group
  • Name
  • Description
  • Trigger
  • Bulk Tasks
  • Name
  • Description


  • Email Templates


  • Screening Forms (Coming Soon)


  • General Sample Requirements
  • Age Requirements
  • Sex/Gender
  • Ethnic & Racial Categories
  • Global Custom Variables
  • Non-global custom variables
  • Inclusion Criteria (Coming Soon)


  • Status Title
  • Help Text
  • Sort Order


  • Event Title
  • Help Text
  • Relative to Scheduling
  • Assigned Statuses
  • Sort Order


  • Recruitment Sources
  • Recruitment Sites - not including last Action Date
  • Recruitment Strategies

How to Copy Settings From an Existing Study

To copy the settings from any existing study:

Note: You need to be a Study Admin on the study you wish to copy.

  1. Click the Add Study button
  2. Enter the Name of your new study
  3. Select the study you would like to copy the existing settings from. You can type in the study name or select from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Submit

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