Product Update: August 11, 2020

The most recent Ripple version includes numerous updates that will help streamline your participant management process.

New Features & Functionality

Copying Studies. Now when adding a new study there will be an option to copy from an existing study. Simply select from the dropdown any of the studies you already have access to and the new study will be created with all the same settings, including events, statuses, and requirements.


Method on Contact Logs. When adding a new contact log there now is a new “Method” dropdown which will automatically populate with all the unarchived contact methods for the participant. Use this method field to either select the method used or to type in other data. The Method will then be displayed on the detailed log view.

Updating Status from Contact Log. To enhance your workflow when contacting participants there it is now possible to view and update the participant’s status when creating a new contact log. Simply select the new status from the dropdown when entering the log and the participant will automatically move to that status when saving.

Active Participation Tracking. There is now the ability to flag a study status as “active” or “inactive” to better determine participant involvement. The new “Assigned Participants are Active in Study” toggle will be visible when adding or editing any study status and will be used to determine participant eligibility for multi-study participation.

Improved Web Screener previewing. From the Study Settings page when you are creating and editing your web screener forms the “Open as a Live Form” will now open in a new browser window or tab so you do not lose your place on the settings page.



  • Addressed an issue where the wrong email addresses were displaying in the “to” dropdown when adding a participant email. The email addresses were not refreshing when a new participant profile was opened while another profile was still displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where contact log entries were not exporting with the time as well as the date.
  • Fixed an issue where the import was not respecting the “Do not update contact information” selection.
  • Updated screener forms to accurately respect locale when adding dates to forms.
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar integrations that did not accurately map based on emails when the email cases did not match.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all multi-select variable options from displaying on the participant list pages.


Ripple v.1.83

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