Product Update: July 21, 2020

The latest version of the Ripple app includes a number of updates to improve efficiency in navigating your studies and creating accurate logs of participant interactions.

New Features & Functionality

Expected Event Windows. When configuring your events you now have the ability to provide a window of time to expected events. Windows can be configured on the Events setup page and are displayed on the Participant list pages as well as the participant profile.


Exporting Registry Search Results. Any Site Admin will now see an “Export” button available on the Registry. When performing registry searches you can choose the export option to quickly and easily configure what global participant details you want included. Only the returned set of participants will then be exported to a csv file.


Custom URLs for Screener Landing Pages. An update to the Web Screener forms now allows you to include custom urls for the landing pages participants see after filling out a form. Simply put in the url and the web screener forms will automatically redirect based on the study inclusion criteria.


Improved Search Options on Participant Pages. The search capabilities on the Potential and Enrolled Participant list pages has been updated to better support searching for city, state and zipcode.



  • Fixed an issue when a global custom variable is converted to a non-global (study specific) custom variable, inclusion criteria using that global custom variable becomes invalid.
  • Addressed an issue where the status info under the studies section of the registry participant profile was not updating properly.

Ripple v.1.82

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