Product Update: June 9, 2020

The latest version of the Ripple app includes a number of updates to improve efficiency in navigating your studies and creating accurate logs of participant interactions.

New Features & Functionality

Added the ability to Archive Studies. It is now possible to mark a study as “Archived” on the Site Admin - Studies page. Users are not able to access any archived study, but the data is not lost. It will still be possible to see which participants are assigned to archived studies, and archived study data can still be exported.


Better Contact Log defaults. When a new Contact Log is being entered the popup will now default the Contact Date to the current date/time and the “Mark as Contact” checkbox will be checked by default.


Improved default Event completion and missed dates. When an event is marked as completed the Completed Date/Time will now default to the event’s scheduled (or expected) date. Previously the completed date was set to the current date/time.

Similarly, when an event is marked as missed, the Missed Date/Time is set as the event’s scheduled (or expected) date. Previously the missed date was set to the current date/time which caused future expected dates to be calculated incorrectly. To mark a date as missed, hold the Shift key while clicking the event’s checkbox.


Added Participant created dates to export. When exporting global participant data from the Site Admin - Export page there is now the option to export the date a participant was created (dateCreated). Additionally, when exporting Study data there is now the option to export the date a participant was added to a study (dateAddedToStudy).


  • Fixed an issue with Screening forms that allowed the creation of duplicate Global IDs
  • Updated the Outlook calendar integration to correctly create Ripple events from Outlook events when the Custom ID and Event Identifier are in the Outlook event description.
  • The Daily Digest email is now accurately displaying all the events due today.
  • Addressed an issue with the Add Email popup not scrolling correctly on smaller screens.

Ripple v.1.80

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