Product Update: May 27, 2020

The latest version of the Ripple app includes new features focused on enhanced participant scheduling and communication.  

New Features & Functionality

Outlook Calendar Integration. On the Study Settings - Study Calendar Integration page you will now have the option of connecting your Ripple study to your Outlook calendar. Once connected your Outlook calendar events will populate your Ripple events with scheduled dates. The only configuration necessary is deciding which Ripple events to connect to the calendar, and what unique event identifier to use on Outlook to create the Ripple connection.



Ability to mark individual contact methods as preferred. In an effort to streamline communication with your participants we have added the ability to mark individual contact methods as both preferred or archived. This allows you to not only set a preferred participant contact, but also to immediately know what is the best way to get in touch with them.

Added the concept of a Participant self-contact. In addition to improvements with contact methods Ripple now has a default “self-contact” created for each participant. This allows setting the specific contact methods for an individual participant while removing the confusion around creating a separate contact. Any existing participant contacts without a name or relationship will be converted automatically to the participant self-contact.

Redesigned the Contacts section of the participant profile. The last update to participant contacts involves a complete redesign of how the contact information is displayed on the participant profile. Contacts are now listed on a clean, and easy to read table. Selecting any individual contact will display all their contact information on a separate popup, making it less error prone for editing or deleting contacts. The table will display the top contact method for each contact, or the preferred method if one exists. No data will be lost when converting existing participants to this new design.

Added the ability to sort the Tasks table by due date. Previously on the tasks page all the tables were sorted by task due date with the latest date on top. This was problematic for people who wanted to see the tasks sorted by the earliest date first. Now all the task tables can be sorted by clicking on the due date header.



  • Fixed an issue when editing Consent and Contact log entries so they no longer update date of last contact automatically
  • Fixed an issue with exported custom variable dates not matching what is displayed in the study due to timezone issues.
  • Changed the text on bulk actions on the Potential and Enrolled participant pages to accurately reflect what section is being selected.
  • Added alphabetical sorting to the Email Templates page

Ripple v.1.79

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