Contact Methods Overview


Contact Methods Overview

Summary of Contacts

Each participant in Ripple has a section on the participant profile card to manage participant contact information as well as other relevant people, such as their parent or partner. The Contacts section displays contact information in an organized table to allow you to quickly find and edit their information. The table is sorted alphabetically by name, with the exception that the preferred contact will always appear at the top of the table, flagged with a start icon.


Contact Detail Fields

To create a new contact detail, click the green Plus icon:

The contact detail stores the following fields:

  • Preferred Name

  • Relationship to Participant (if it is not the participant)

  • Can Leave a Message checkbox (indicating if participant consented to voicemail/text messages)

  • Contact Methods

  • Addresses

Multiple contact methods and addresses can be stored for the participant. Contact Methods can be designated as the following:

  • Email

  • Phone (Cell)

  • Phone (Home)

  • Phone (Work)

  • Phone (Other)


Archived Contacts and Methods

When contact information is no longer current, you are able to archive the contact person or method. Archived information is not deleted and can be recovered at any time. Archiving out of date contacts and contact methods help keep contact information organized while storing old information for potential future use.

Archiving a Contact

  1. Navigate to a participant’s Contacts section

  2. Open the contact detail to be archived

  3. Click the Archive Contact icon

  4. Click Save 

To display archived contacts, click The Show Archived Contacts text. A yellow folder icon will indicate which Contacts are archived.

To unarchive a contact:

  1. Open an archived contact

  2. Click the yellow folder icon

  3. Click save


Archiving a Contact Method

  1. Open a contact

  2. Click the Archive Contact Method icon for the contact method you wish to archive.

  3. The contact method will move to the Archived Methods section.

To unarchive a contact method:

  1. Click Show Archived Contact Methods

  2. Click the yellow folder icon next to the archived contact method

  3. Click save


Preferred Contact Info

The star icon on the contact details window allows you to flag the contact person and method your team should use to reach the participant. Clicking the star icon indicates which contact or contact method is preferred. NOTE: The preferred contact method will display on the Contacts table. If none of the contact methods are flagged as preferred then the first contact method for the contact will display.

In this example, Drew Lopez is marked as the preferred contact because he is the participant and his email is marked as the preferred contact method.

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