How To: Send an Email

How To: Send an Email

Summary of Emailing

Emailing participants from Ripple makes sending appointment reminders, participant nurturing emails, and study news and updates an easy-to-manage process in your lab’s workflow. With the ability to customize the sender’s name, attach documents, and log all email communications in Ripple, managing participant emailing efforts has never been easier!


The use of email for study participant/patient communication is often regulated by a number of institutional rules often managed by the applicable Institutional Review Board and the information security compliance office. Please make sure that you have authorization to email participants/patients directly before using this feature.


Sending An Email

Emails are sent from the Email section on a participant’s profile card.

1. Navigate to the email log. To send an email, click the green "Add Email" button on the participant’s profile page.


2. Create an email. Select the template you would like to use or select “Do not use a template” to write a custom email and click “Create Email.” 

3. Fill in the email information fields. You will be prompted to enter the following:

  • Recipient email (required). There is no need to remember and type the participant contact emails, all of the emails listed on the contact section will be available to select.
  • CC/BCC email
  • Reply To Address (email address you would like to receive replies at)
  • Sender Name (Name you want the email to be addressed from)
  • Subject line (required)


If you do not see these options on your emails, please email us at to discuss how to get this feature.

4. Write or edit your email message.

  • If you selected “Do not use a template” this field will be blank and you can write a custom email message.
  • If you selected a template, your email will automatically populate with the template information.  You are able to edit and add to this message as well.

5. Modify your email messageYou can use the text editor on your email to:

  • Edit the size and font of your text
  • Edit the spacing of your text
  • Add bullet points or numbered lists
  • Add attachments up to 10 MB
  • Add pictures up to 5 MB

6. At the bottom of the email, you will be prompted with five checkboxes.

HTML In Emails

Emails sent from Ripple are HTML-capable. When the HTML checkbox is checked, HTML code in the message box will be received in the desired HTML format when the email is viewed by the recipient.

  • HTML (Ripple will read the message box as HTML code and format the message accordingly)
  • Contact (mark this email as the "Date of Last Contact" for this participant)
  • Pin Email (pin the email to the top of the email communications page)
  • Notify (send email notification to your team)
  • Global (Save email log to global registry data)


If you are using an email with advanced formatting for the first time, you can send it to yourself or a team member before sending to participants to make sure it is formatted as expected.

7. Send the email. Once you have customized the email, click the “Send Email” button.

After clicking "Send Email", your participant will receive the email and the information will be saved into the Email log. The email will come from the Sender Name you chose and show an email address of  If the participant replies, the message will be delivered to the Reply To Address you entered. Below is an example of how a participant email sent from Ripple.


8. View the email in the participant’s Email Log. All email communications sent via Ripple Email are saved in the Email Log. In this log, you will be able to see the date the email was sent, the subject and message, and the recipients. 


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