How to: Create an Email Template

How to: Create an Email Template

Summary of Email Templates

Using an email template provides Study Admins a way to ensure that the study team is using consistent language when they communicate with participants. Reminding participants of upcoming visits, sending birthday emails, or sharing a study newsletter are a few examples of communications with your participants that can be efficiently sent using email templates. 

Creating Email Templates

Email templates are created at the study level by Study Admin users. To create and edit your email templates:

  1. Navigate to the Emails section (red) under the Study Settings tab (green)

  1. Click Add Template to open a new template and fill in the email details. Ripple allows you to add dynamic Next Appointment Date, Next Appointment Name, Participant First Name, Participant Last Name, and Study Name placeholders into your template.



When you use the template the participant’s information will fill in automatically. For example, entering the Participant First Name placeholder above into the email template will be replaced by the first name of the participant who receives the email.



  1. Click Save. Your email will be saved within the Emails section along with all other templates you have created.


  1. When you are sending an email to a participant, you will be prompted with an Email Template window where you can choose from your existing email templates or write a custom email by selecting “Do not use a template.”


  1. After selecting a template, your email will automatically populate with the template information as well as adjust the placeholders to match the variables of your participant:



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