Product Update: April 28, 2020

The latest version of the Ripple app includes new features to improve your participant event automation and increase efficiency when sending participant emails.

New Features & Functionality

Flexible Event Scheduling Triggers. On the Study Settings page when editing your events you will now have the ability to select ANY other event to trigger expected schedule dates. Events can also be automatically scheduled either After or Before the triggering event. This will allow for greater flexibility in ordering your events, as well as create possibilities for new types of reminder events.

Email Templates. The new email template feature allows you to create standard email messages that can be re-used across your study. These templates are created on the new “Emails” page of the Study Settings tab and are available from the Participant profile. Not only can the email message text be standardized, but you can take advantage of some preset variables to quickly populate participant details into the email messages.

Web screener forms are optimized for tablets. If you utilize web screener forms you’ll now see that the form width has been reduced to improve readability and enhance the forms’ usefulness on tablet size screens.

Study Custom IDs visible on Registry. When viewing a participant’s profile from within the registry a user can now see all the custom IDs that participant is assigned across their studies.


  • Fixed an issue where the study start and end dates were off by a day when comparing between the Site Admin and Study Admin pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the signed consent date was off by a day on exports.

Ripple v.1.78

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