Product Update: April 7, 2020

Ripple’s latest release provides minor improvements across the app in an effort to improve performance and the overall user experience. 

New Features & Functionality

Sender Name on Participant Emails. Now when sending participants emails directly from Ripple you can customize how the “From” name appears. The “Sender Name” field is available on all new emails, defaulting to the current user’s full name. Changing this name will change how the email appears in the participant’s inbox.

Improved Export Functionality. Major performance improvements have been made to the Export functionality. Now the export will kick off in your browser, allowing you to navigate away from the Export page to continue your work while larger exports take place. The export now results in a .csv file making it more accessible in whatever spreadsheet software you utilize. 

Participant Created Date on Study Profile. In addition to the “Added to Study” date that was included in a previous release the Study Participant Profile now will display the “Created” date for your participants IF the “Show Global Logs” option is toggled ON.

Visual Improvements to Screener Forms. Internal screener forms have an improved appearance to make the forms more readable within the app. When screening an existing participant the form now displays the participant’s name in the header. On both the internal and web screener forms the page numbers are no longer displayed at the top of the form.


  • The “On Target Performance” metric on the Study Dashboard now correctly calculates totals when the study end date is in the past.
  • Fixed an issue where some filters on the Participant list pages were not returning all the expected results.
  • Addressed issues with bulk deletions on the Participant list pages.

Ripple v.1.77

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