Study Details Overview

Study Details Overview

Summary of Study Details

The "Study Details" tab provides a space to record important information relevant to your study. Information from this page will ultimately be used to create documents, such as enrollment reports, using data entered into Ripple. The Details section (green) is found under the Study Settings tab (red).


Study Details Fields

Study Short Name: The study short name is limited to 15 characters and is used throughout Ripple to refer to your study. For example, when a participant comment is marked as "Global" the tag will include the short name of the study in which the comment was originally made.

Study Name: The Study Name is the field the not the full name of your study should it exceed the 15 characters of the Short Study Name. If not, the Study Name will be automatically populated using the same name as listed in the Short Study Name field. The study name field is not character limited.

Active Recruitment Start/End Dates: The active recruitment start and end dates are the dates at which enrollment starts and ends for this study. These dates calculate the metrics on the Dashboard to create visualizations about how your recruitment is progressing.

Study Completion Date: The date where all enrolled participant events are completed and the study ceases to be active.

IRB Approved #/ID: If applicable, use this space to record your study's IRB number.

Study Description: This large text field can be used to add additional study details that may be helpful in the "Study Details" overview. Examples of study description content include an abstract, a study summary, the inclusion/exclusion criteria and helpful tips on running the study. Note: this is the only place study description information is stored; any information entered here will not be seen elsewhere in the application.

Multi-study participation: If checked, active study participants will be eligible to be added to other studies within your Ripple. If unchecked, participants that are active within your study will be able to be added to other studies.


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