Product Update: March 25, 2020

Ripple’s latest release introduces new ways to schedule your participants and more customization in how participant events are tracked throughout your studies. 

Click here to watch a webinar walkthrough of how to use these new features.

New Features & Functionality

Google Calendar Integration. Now you can connect your study and events to any external Google Calendar account making it easier to schedule and track your participant appointments. The setup is quick and once connected your event dates will stay in sync whether you are editing them in Ripple or Google. Click here to learn more about setting up the Google Calendar integration on your study.

These help articles will walk you through how to use these new features:

Google Calendar Integration Overview

How to: Schedule Ripple Events using your Google Calendar

Assign Participant Events to Statuses. Your events can now be customized and assigned to only certain participant statuses. Use this new feature to create better visibility and ensure that the participant data displayed is always clean and relevant. Follow this link to learn more about how to use this new feature.

New Display Options For Participant Tables. The Potential and Enrolled Participant pages can now display Current Age and Next Event sortable columns. The current age displays the participant’s age based on their birthday in years and months. The Next Event column uses the event sort order to display the date and time of the next scheduled event in the list.

Study and Site Admins Can Unpin Comments. Now Study and Site Admins can pin or unpin any comment or log entry on the participant profile so that these sections can stay up to date with the most important information.

Better Access to Support. The “Support” link has been added to the page header (previously only available in the footer) to ensure you can easily find help when and where you need it.


  • The Family ID section now shows family members who do not belong to a study
  • Screener forms no longer fail when a single-select custom variable is converted to a multi-select variable.
  • Times on datetime pickers will now default to noon if the date is selected first.
  • Participant middle name is now editable on the Registry Profile.
  • Cleaned up an issue where race, ethnicity, and gender options were appearing as combined on the registry and requirements pages.

Ripple v.1.76

Released 2020-03-25

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