How to: Create Events in Your Study

How to: Create & Edit Study Events

How to: Create an Event

Study Admins can create and edit Events on the Study Settings page:

Follow these steps to create a new study Event:

  1. Navigate to the Events tab. As a Study Admin, go to the Events section (green) under the Study Settings tab (red):

  1. Add Event. Click the Add Item button to open the Add/Edit Event window.

  1. Event Details. Fill in the Event details, including the Event title, Scheduling to and Schedule Event After settings, Assigned Statuses, and Help Text.  More information on these components and their functions can be found Here.
  2. Save. Click the Save button to create the Event.

Editing existing Events

Editing Event settings is very similar to creating a new event.

To edit your event details, click on the event in the Events section and it will open the Add/Edit Event window in the same fashion as when you created the event.

 To reorder Events, click the blue Reorder button and drag and drop the Event into the correct order for your protocol:



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