Product Update: February 26, 2020

Ripple’s latest release includes enhancements to help you navigate the application more efficiently and understand when your participants were added to your registry or to a study. There were also many smaller enhancements around dates and times within the application in anticipation of greater scheduling and reporting functionality.

New Features & Functionality

Navigate between studies faster! The Select Study button now contains a search bar (when you have greater than 10 studies) and studies are listed alphabetically. To learn more about the other buttons on the navigation bar click here.


Keep track of when participants are added to your Registry and to a study. This release includes enhancements to give your team data on when participants are created, added to studies, and the source of the data. 

Registry Participant Profile. The date a participant was created is now visible on the Registry Participant Profile page.


Study Participant Profile. The date the participant was added to a study is visible on the Study Participant Profile page.


Audit Log. Participants added to a study via a Screening Form will also have a timestamp listed in the Audit Log.  As a reminder, the Audit Log is viewed on the Site Admin page.



  • In the Events portion of the participant profile the “Clear Scheduled Date” now correctly clears the date portion of the date/time field.
  • Improved Event date and time entry, ensuring that start dates are before the end dates, even when editing only a single value.
  • Added logic on the Site Admin - Users page that prevents sending an invitation to any existing users. 
  • Future dates are no longer valid on the participant's birthday field on screener forms and the import tool.
  • “Birthday” and “Age (at time of study)” fields can now be cleared on the participant profile to allow for empty fields.
  • On participant detail, when adding/editing/deleting a Custom ID or Family ID, the text input no longer disappears if you click away from it while it is empty.


Ripple v.1.75

Released 2019-02-25

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