Navigation Bar Overview

Navigation Bar Overview

In this article, we will cover:

  • Overview of the Navigation Bar
  • The function of each tab in the Navigation Bar

Overview of the Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is the top bar of your site to move between the different sections and studies within Ripple. The Navigation Bar displays different buttons depending on the site level permissions of the user. Slice_1.png

Functions of the Navigation Bar Tabs

All Ripple Users will have access to the following:  

  • Home. The Home icon opens your personal Dashboard. This provides an overview of the Events and Tasks assigned to you that are due today across all studies they are in.


If a task has a due date, but no Assignee it will appear on all Study Level users Home Dashboard to make sure the task does not fall through the cracks.

  • Select Study. The Select Study button shows a drop-down list of all of the studies that a user is added to. This list does not reflect studies that a user does not have access to, as they are not visible to them anywhere in the application. When the user is in more than 10 studies, a search bar appears at the top of the list to more easily navigate to a specific study.


  • My Account. The My Account button allows all users to edit their account settings, as well as the email notifications they would like to receive on a study-by-study basis.


  • Support. The Home button opens the Support widget, where you can search for articles posted on Ripple's Knowledge Base and submit Support requests.Slice_1.png

Site Admin, Site Manager, and Registry Users will see this additional button:

  • Registry tab. The Registry button allows users with Registry access to view and manage the site’s Registry, as well as search for and add existing participants to new studies.


Site Admin and Site Manager users will have these additional buttons:

  • Add Study. The Add Study button allows users to create new studies, which brings up a window that allows you to name your new study:



Once a user clicks submit, the new study will be created.

  • Site Admin. The Site Admin tab allows Site Admins access to the tools included in their permissions, including user & study management, import & export, and audit and security tools.


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