How To: Navigate Between Studies within Ripple

How To: Navigate Between Studies within Ripple

Ripple allows research teams to manage multiple studies on the same platform. The Select Study button allows you to navigate between Ripple Studies quickly. 

Note: A Site Admin or Site Manager needs to grant a Study Level user access to a specific study for it to appear in their dropdown menu. Read this to learn more about Study level access roles.



If you are working in a specific study, the tab displays the current study you are viewing. When you click on the study name, it will reveal an alphabetical list of all your studies that you currently have permission to view. In this example, we are viewing our study named Nerve Cohort 1.


If you are on more than 10 studies, the drop down list of studies will include a search bar at the top of the list to allow you to quickly find the desired study.




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