Product Update: December 3, 2019

Ripple’s latest release introduces the new Ripple logo!

New Features & Functionality

Updated to show Ripple’s new logo

As we grow we are refreshing our look. Our new branding is reflected in the application. 

Users can now set their timezone 

When you change the time zone in the “My Account” settings this is reflected immediately across the application and interfaces. If there is a mismatch between the user's timezone and the user's selected timezone a modal will appear to confirm which timezone you prefer.


“Clear Scheduled Date” in the Event detail pane clears both start and end time 

We optimize Ripple in every release so you can spend more time with participants and execute your study protocol.


  • "Next Appointment Date" now appears in chronological order; the order is maintained as the user scrolls through multiple pages.
  • Task and Bulk Task emails are now being appropriately sent based on user assignment.
  • "Source" is now being reported when selected as a display variable.
  • The audit log displays data through the current date; previous behavior did not show the current date in log.

Ripple v.1.71

Released 2019-12-03

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