Product Update: November 11, 2019

Ripple’s latest release introduces additional enhancements to the Registry and Custom Variables and optimizes participant profile loading.

New Features & Functionality

New Custom Variable Types

Users now have the ability to set a Custom Variable type as a date or a date & time. This will allow you to track dates, search by the date in the registry and add date fields to your screening forms. 

Read more about custom variables here.

Registry Enhancements

  • To help users identify the most recent participants or those who have not been contacted, you can now sort by “Last Contact” (Global Date of Last Contact).
  • The new Custom Variable types of date and date & time are searchable and filterable in the Registry.

Learn more about the different tools you can use to search and filter your registry here.

Ability to Import & Export Contact Logs

Contact logs are now included in both the import and the export templates.  This was a very popular feature request and we are excited to add this data into reporting!

Learn more about importing and exporting contact logs.


Participant Profile Load Times 

We optimize Ripple in every release so you can spend more time with participants and execute your study protocol.

Ripple v.1.70

Released 2019-11-19

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